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Car And Audio Tune

McGuigan Brothers, Coleraine

Engine Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostic Repair ColeraineCar and Audio Tune are vehicle diagnostic specialists, engine management system fault finders and auto electricians, this means that we diagnose and repair car and vehicle electrical and computer systems.

Cost effective repairs

As vehicle diagnostic specialists we do not believe in just swapping components until the problem is found. We always find out the cause of the problem ensuring cost effective repairs at all times.

Specialist methods and software

Our specialist vehicle diagnostic equipment and software gives us EUC level access to your cars computer system so we can see exactly what is going on throughout your car, from this we can diagnose any faults.

Car software diagnostics at Car and Audio Tune Coleraine

Our testing doesn't stop there, as auto electricians once we have narrowed down the fault we can start to check the individual components or circuit boards for faults.

Our specialist methods mean that you pay less because you are only paying for the fault to be fixed, not to have components swapped unnecessarily.


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